Tribute to Clarence Seedorf – Il professore

The Netherlands is missing the end tournament. We did not go to the European Cup 2016 and we will not go the World Cup 2018. We have had better times when it comes to football.
This way I want to honor the great players who went to these tournaments. Now we can tell you that we miss some football players we used to have.

This blog I will tell you about one of the greatest players for me I have seen play.
Clarence Seedorf a.k.a. Il professore, Mr. Champions League, El Presidente, Magnificent C is a unique chapter in the Football world.
For a big part of the Dutch people he was a good / great player, unfortunately not always appreciated by everyone within the country, which is insane. On the other hand he is a living legend in the rest of the world, especially in Italy.

He made his professional debut in 1992 at the age of 16 years and 242 days, making him the youngest-ever debutant for Ajax. He quickly became  an important player for the club.  In ’93 – ’94 he won the Dutch Treble (Champion, Cup Winner and Dutch Super Cup winner) and in ’94 – ’95 they won the biggest title which is the Champions League. They beat AC Milan with 1-0, not knowing he would become the legend of the opponent in the future. The also became the champion of the Dutch League.

A season later, he went to Sampdoria in Italy. He played 34 games in total and scored 4 times.
In the season 1996 – 1997 he was picked up by Real Madrid. He played 3,5 seasons there and won another Champions League Cup, the La Liga title, the Spanish Super Cup and the Intercontinental Cup.

In the winter of season 1999-2000 he moved to Inter Milan. In total he played 2,5 years for Inter Milan. After this he moved to their city rivals Milan in 2002. Later on it turned it out to be a super deal for AC Milan. Clarence became a legend for AC Milan. He won the Champions League with AC Milan as well, so this was the third club where he had won this and he became the first and only player who has achieved this in football history. He played 431 games for AC Milan and scored 63 times in almost 10 seasons. His trophies at AC Milan:
– 2 times Serie A winner: 2003-04,  2010-11
– Coppa Italia: 2002-03
– 2 times Supercoppa Italiana: 2004, 2001
– 2 times UEFA Champions League: 2002-03 , 2006-07
– 2 times UEFA Super Cup: 2003, 2007
– FIFA Club World Cup: 2007

His last football club would be Botafogo in Brazil. In total he scored 16 goals in 59 appearances.
In 2013 he won the Campeonato Carioca.

After his football career he became the new head coach of Milan. Unfortunately it did not last for long. Later on he became the manager of Shenzhen F.C. in China, he failed there as well.
However as a fan I believe that Seedorf will become a great manager with his knowledge, vision and image.

As there can be seen he did great things on the pitch, winning many titles and cups. He was well known for his hard work, using both feet very well, well-roundness, strength, shots on target (especially long distance shots), passes, endurance,  and especially his football intelligence. Zooming in on the last strong point ‘football intelligence’, this was not perceived by everyone as football intelligence. Dutch coaches could not handle this, neither did another group within the Netherlands. His power was perceived as arrogance and not appreciating the vision of the coaches. Coaches from the Dutch National team did not select him anymore, while he was one of the best players in the world and in the Dutch Football history. This was insane! I could not stand this! Until the day of today it hurts not having seen Clarence Seedorf play more games for the national team of the Netherlands. One of the coaches named a really crazy reason for not selecting this amazing player. He told the Dutch media, that he was too good for the bench (literally). I could not understand this, because when some is too good for the bench he needs to be in the first eleven, right? Well not for this coach.
Clarence made his debut on his 18th for the Dutch National team, he even scored on his debut.

Unfortunately enough he played 87 games for the Netherlands, but it definitely could have been a lot more. Looking back on this and especially right now we can certainly tell that we really miss him and should have appreciate his football skills, his knowledge and his pro-active attitude in order to help the team to the fullest.

Outside of the pitch he is a great person as well. He is supporting many projects for good causes in Suriname (where he is originally from). Besides this he has taken part for many other projects.
Clarence has been honoured as Commandor of the High-Order of the Yellow Star by Suriname in 2011. The living legend was also honoured  by the Netherlans as Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau.


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