The Dutch national team –what the men can learn from the ladies

Football is one of the most popular sports in the Netherlands. A big group within this country has been watching the men for years; it gets exciting and cozy during the final tournaments (like the European / World Cup).
Last summer the European Cup took place for women in the Netherlands. The ladies were doing such a good job! Within no time tickets for their games were sold out, the stadiums were full, everyone was watching it on the television and also talking about it. The ladies from the Netherlands won the European Cup. This was a great achievement.  It has won an amazing popularity.

Yesterday Lieke Martens picked up the Best FIFA women’s player of the year, while boss Sarina Wiegman was crowned coach of the year.
This evening I was watching the Dutch ladies against Norway. They were the better team in this game and scored in the injury time. The Netherlands won with 1-0 against Norway.

Why are the female ‘lions’ so successful? Why are the men not that successful? What are the differences between the female and male ‘lions’?
– The performance is totally the opposite; the ladies are very successful, where the men have lost their image and rank drastically.
-The ladies have a great team spirit; you can see it on the pitch and outside of the pitch. When a team member makes a mistake the other one tries to solve it as soon as possible. They are being very responsible for each other. The men do not have a team spirit like the ladies, this is a lot less.
-I can see and feel the ladies’ ‘hunger’ and passion for the game. They are doing their best, giving more than they actually can in some situations. In my opinion this also has a little bit to do with sense of prove. We all know that women can be competitive. I know sounds from a long a time ago like: ‘women cannot play football’ etc. By winning the games, performing in a great way they can prove that they are great at football. I think besides the passion they are very eager to show us their skills.
-The ladies seem tougher within the pitch than the men. When they get hit or fall they don’t wine and stand up, sometimes even when really tough fouls are being committed. In contrary the men can do exactly the opposite, being a terrific actor, while there is nothing in some cases. We would almost say that the roles have changed and the men are the divas in some cases and the ladies the tough men!
-The ladies seem to have a better intuition, because the goalkeeper saved a penalty yesterday.

The above mentioned differences can be seen as feedback towards the men. These are points to improve. The men can definitely learn from the ladies based on these differences.

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