We should appreciate the assist

Yesterday I was watching the big game between Feyenoord versus Ajax.
The first half was not too exciting, more disappointing, although I loved the ‘war’ on the pitch.
In the second half Ajax scored 4 goals in total and eventually they won with 1-4. This game could have ended with a totally different score as well.

Earlier I wrote an article in Dutch about the criticized David Neres (Ajax). Many people and critics were focusing on the money Ajax had spent for this Brazilian player. He was too expensive for Dutch circumstances. Ajax had paid 12 – 13 million Euro’s. Last year he was the stand-in for Traore (former Chelsea player), who left Ajax this summer. But still this year David Neres was not always in the first eleven.  The moments I have seen him play, he is always creative, dangerous and adding value to the attacking game. His statistics were also good for a winger. He is making a lot of assists and goals.
The first moment I saw him play I noted that he was different in a positive way and that he could contribute a lot to this team.

Yesterday he was the big man in this game. He made 3 wonderful assists.
What I noted actually really bothered me. The goals scorers did not thank him (directly) and almost everyone of the team  went to the goal scorer, while Neres did a good effort when he prepared the goals for his mates. I don’t know what it is, but most of the time he put more effort in preparing the goal than the others scoring the goal. The least thing you can do is thank your mate for preparing the goal / putting a lot of effort in it and for making the assist. Instead of passing the ball he could have been selfish. This way we would never know what the result would be, maybe he would have missed these chances.

I see it in more games / more divisions, goal scorers sometimes don’t have to do a lot to score and the others are doing their best to give the assist. Sometimes they don’t thank their team mates and my perspective is that it is really unthankful towards your team mate. You are a team member, it is not only about scoring goal, most of the time you cannot score a goal without the assist. My point is we should appreciate the assist and not only focus on the goal. There are more team members involved in these moments. Of course we should appreciate the defenders as well.

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