The rebirth of Ryan Babel

Ryan Babel, the Dutch football player is having a very interesting career.
He started as a great talent playing for Ajax. Later on many people / critics / football lovers lost track of him during his career. The last 2 games he played again with the Dutch national squad after a long while. Ryan Babel is back! You should watch his games! He has scored many goals lately for a winger and is contributing a lot to the attacking game! He is doing a wonderful job at the moment.

What has actually happened during his career? Where did we lose track?
Just to start from the beginning:  Ryan started at Ajax where he played 73 times and scored 14 goals.
Liverpool transferred him, but there he did not have a crucial role within the team, he did not play on a regular base. After a few years Babel was sold to Hoffenheim, the Dutch player did not succeed in Germany. In this period he was also out of scope for the Dutch National team. He did do something not many football players do. He made himself a free agent by buying out the remaining  time of his contract. He went back to Ajax where he wanted to prove him self again and where he wanted to get the attention of the Dutch National coach again.
Babel went to Kasimpaşa in Turkey in 2013. Many people thought he was going to end his career / to cash in. Most of the Dutch people did not follow him anymore, even though he was actually doing a good job there. He scored 14 times in 58 appearances. After this period he went to Al Ain in the UAE. After a short period in the UAE he went to Deportivo La Coruña. He also played very well there and the Turkish giant Beşiktaş bought him last year.

I must admit that I did not follow him when he went to the UAE.
In Spain he was already doing a great job and then he deserved a nice transfer to Beşiktaş. He is performing wonderful in Turkey for Beşiktaş. He is one of the crucial players, they became the Turkish champion. Beşiktaş is leading after 3 games in Group G of the Champions league. They have won 3 out of 3 against FC Porto, RasenBallsport Leipzig and Monaco.

His statistics are also good for a winger within this season.
Out of 898 minutes he scored 5 times and made 2 assists (2 goals and 1 assist in the Champions League).
Right now he is a hero for the Beşiktaş fans.

Many people within the Netherlands were criticizing him for his club choices.
Especially when football players choose to play in Turkey you hear a lot of negative people telling each other that they are only doing this for the money, while this is not always the case.
This is a great example why you could go and play in Turkey, to gain more confidence and experience.
I think playing in Spain and Turkey were great choices for Babel. He is back! This is his rebirth!

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